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    Although the parish of St. Teresa’s is nearly 100 years old, the church building in which we celebrate our liturgies and services is nearing 70 years.. Construction began in 1950 and the church building was dedicated October 26, 1952. (Photos of how the church interior looked in the 1950’s are on display in the side lobby closest to the sacristy.)
    We are planning a celebration for the 70th by repairing, renovating and refreshing our beautiful edifice. Already the protective Plexiglass over the lovely lower-level stained glass windows is being replaced, as the old is discolored and worn. The new is crystal clear, letting in bright glorious sunshine. ( from outside, you can compare and the higher-level windows (undone) with the lower and note the difference.)

    Later this year, we are hoping to refinish all the church pews which are terribly scratched and worn. This is a long and quite costly project, which may inconvenience some of us for a while, but ultimately will be magnificent.
    The refinishing and restoration of the Church doors is another work intended this year.
    As some may know, when the church was renovated in 1987-1988, the large mural printing of the Assumption of Mary which covered the entire back wall of the sanctuary was painted over. The triptych icon of Mary, Jesus and St. Teresa is now in its place.

    This icon will be removed, divided into its 3 separate parts, and the image of B.V. Mary and St. Teresa will be reframed and hung in another part of the church. The central image of Jesus will be stored for safe-keeping.
    In its place will be hung a large, 15’ hand-carved wooden crucifix which has been ordered from northern Italy, especially made for our church. This, also, is an expensive and lengthy endeavor.
    Final costs for these projects, and others in mind, are not yet available, but the total will probably surpass $200,000. To help defray this endeavor, we are planning a parish raffle, the sale of food after Sunday Masses (the first being Father’s Day, June 19th), the memorialization of church pews, and other events . More details will be forth - coming.

    For October, the month of St. Teresa, we are planning a special Mass and celebration to commemorate the 70th anniversary of our church building’s dedication. We hope and pray that generations to come may be able to praise God and join in faithful communion with one another in our magnificent church.


    Invites you to join us each Sunday for the
    Celebration of the Eucharist.

    Our beautiful church has been serving the Catholic Community of Woodside & Sunnyside since 1952. The parish was established in 1928 and is dedicated to St. Therese of Lisieux, the “Little Flower”. It is our spiritual home and we invite you to make it yours as well.
    To become a registered parishioner, please visit the Rectory or contact us at (718) 784-2123 during business hours.


    After several years at St. Teresa as our wonderful Director of Music, Mr. Steven Petersen will be leaving us for greener pastures in another Queens parish. His final weekend with us will be June 25-26. A farewell reception will be held for Steven on Sunday, June 26th, in the Church auditorium after the 11:30 am mass (@ 12:45 pm). All are invited to wish him well in all his future endeavors!


    The rectory office will be closed Monday July 4th in honor of Independence Day. Mass will be celebrated as usual in church 8 am.


    Friday, July 1st and every month on the first Friday of the month, we will pray a "Holy Hour" after the 8 am Mass (in English) and at 7 pm (in Spanish). Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction will be part of the Holy Hour. Join us to worship and adore the Lord!

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  • Sunday
    Ultreya - Aud. K 9:30 am to 11 am

  • Monday

  • Tuesday
    Food Pantry - Parish Center - 4:00 - 5:30 pm
    Choir Rehearsal - Church - 7 pm
    Formacion de Fe - Aud. K 7:30 to 9:00 pm

  • Wednesday
    A.A. - Parish Center - 6:30 pm

  • Thursday
    Grupo Carismatico - Ch urch 6:30 - 9 pm

  • Friday
    Cub Scouts - Auditorium - 6 pm
    Boy Scouts - Auditorium - 7-10 pm
    Youth Group - Auditorium K - 5 -7:00 pm
    Estudio Bíblico - Aud. K - 7-8 pm

  • Saturday
    Confessions - Church - 2:30 pm