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    Join us today Sunday, May 19th , for the traditional "May Crowning" of Mary's statue in church at all masses. The children who received First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 18th are invited to participate in their First Communion attire.


    Our monthly canned goods, non-perishable foods collection will take place next weekend, May 25-26, and the last Sunday of every month. All food goes to our parish food pantry, distributed every Tuesday to the hungry.


    The rectory office will be closed Monday, May 27th in honor of Memorial Day. Mass will be celebrated at 8 am in church.


    We need Mary.
    Somehow when you think about the peasant girl with a child in her arms in a cave in Bethlehem, or the frightened young mother looking for her lost 12-year-old son, or the widowed mother struggling to understand the things her son is saying and doing, or the tearful mother who watches her only son die in the prime of are in touch with someone who is one of us, who loves God dearly and is dearly loved by God despite all that may seem otherwise.
    Religion is no longer an abstraction, and goodness is no longer impossible when you think of Mary as one of us. More and more Catholics are coming back to Mary.
    Perhaps Vatican II has helped us go through what youngsters must go through as they reach maturity. We are learning to have an adult, rather than a small child relationship to our Mother. Only that kind of relationship does justice to this strong woman who is Mary.

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Events of the Week

  • Sunday
    Cursillo - Auditorium 09:30 am
    Filipino Group - Auditorium K - 11 a.m

  • Monday
    Toddlers - Auditorium 10:00 am

  • Tuesday
    Food Pantry - Parish Center 6:00 pm
    Youth Ministry - Auditorium K - 5-6:30 pm
    Profundizar Tu Fe - Auditorium K - 7:30 pm

  • Thursday
    Toddlers - Auditorium 10 am
    Grupo Carismático - Auditorium 7 pm
    Adult Choir - Church Loft - 7 pm

  • Friday
    Youth Group - Auditorium K - 7:30 pm
    Cub Scouts - Auditorium 6pm
    Boy Scouts - Auditorium 7 pm

  • Saturday
    Religious Education Classes 9:30 am & 11:30 am